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4 quot six quot 8 quot ten quot twelve inch Gravel Sand EPTT For Soaked Sand Suction

1.Features of G collection Gravel EPTTs

1.The framework of this ZJS series gravel pump is primarily single-casing and horizontal. The outlet path can be positioned 360 deg straightforward to put in.
2. Shaft Components adopt cylinEPTTstructure, which is convenient to change the gap among impeller and entrance donning plate. The shaft makes use of grease lubrication.
3.Shaft Seal: expeller EPTT seal, EPTT seal, and EPTT seal.
four.Wide Circulation Passage amp Good Anti-Cavitation Residence amp Extremely Effective Dress in Resistance.
five.Driving Strategy: V Belt Push, Elastic Shaft Coupling EPTT, Gear Box Drive, Fluid Coupling EPTT, Variable Frequency Drive System and Thyristor Speed Management.
6.The moist parts are manufactured of Ni-difficult and large-chrome wear-resistant alloEPTTwith excellent anti-corrosive home.
7.Variable speeds and modals to ensure easy procedure. In addition, EPTT service existence and high procedure effectiveness offer trustworthy performance in a difficult running atmosphere.

2.Applications of the One Casing EPTT

The mining gravel pump is utilized for river program, reservoir desalting, coastal reclamation, stretching, deep-sea mining and EPTTng acquisition etc.

three.Solution Overview

4.Other Relevant EPTT

one.five/1B-AH(R) 1.five/1C-HH 40PV-SP(R) 6/4D-G 3QV-AF 20A-L 10/8R-M
two/one.5B-AH(R) three/2d-HH 65QV-SP(R) 8/6E-G 4RV-AF 50B-L(R) ten/8E-M
three/2C-AH(R) four/3E-HH 100RV-SP(R) ten/8F-G 6SV-AF 75C-L
4/3C-AH(R) four/3X-HH 150SV-SP(R) twelve/10G-G 8SV-AF 100D-L
6/4D-AH(R) 6/4X-HH 200SV-SP(R) 14/12G-G 150E-L
6/4E-AH(R) six/4F-HH 250TV-SP 14/12T-G 300S-L
eight/6E-AH(R) 6S-H 16/14G-G 350FF-L
8/6R-AH(R) 6S-HP sixteen/14TU-GH 450ST-L
ten/8F-AH(R) eight/6S-H 18/16G-G
10/8ST-AH(R) eight/6S-HP 18/16TU-GH
twelve/10ST-AH(R) eight/6X-HP

five.EPTT Parts

EPTT Description

The Components have exchangeable EPTT choice EPTT (A05, A49, A07),Elastomer(R08, R26 , R33, R55) and EPTTurethane (U01)

EPTT areas

1. A05 is a use resistant white iron that offers excellent overall performance unEPTTerosive situations. The alloy can be properly employed in a wide assortment of slurry sorts. The large dress in resistance of alloy A05 is offered by the presence of tough carbides inside its micro-composition. Alloy A05 is particularly suited to apps exactly where moderate corrosion resistance, as effectively as erosion resistance is necessary.

two.A07 Marten-sic white iron with reasonable erosion resistance.

three.A49 is appropriate for reduced pH corrosion responsibilities, in which erosive dress in is also a dilemma. The alloy is specifically suited for Flue Gasoline Desulphu-rization(FGD) and other corrosive apps, exactly where the pH is much less than four. The alloy can also be utilised in other mildly acidic environments. A49 has an erosion resistance related to that of Ni-Hard 1.


1.RU08 is a black normal rubber, of low to medium hardness. RU08 is employed for impellers in which superior erosive resistance is essential in good particle slurries.
two. RU26 is a black, soft all-natural rubber. RU26 is used for traces in which outstanding erosion resistance to all other materials in good particle slurry programs.
three. RU33 is a premium quality black organic rubber of low hardness and is used for cyclone and pump liners and impellers the place its outstanding actual physical houses give increased lower resistance to hard, sharp slurries.
four. RU55 is quality grade black natural rubber, it is appropriate for extreme erosive fine particle


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  in Chiang Mai Thailand  sales   price   shop   near me   near me shop   factory   supplier 4

  in Chiang Mai Thailand  sales   price   shop   near me   near me shop   factory   supplier 4

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